Sun sign health scares caused by planetary movement

According to Connect to Astro, there is a possibility that certain zodiac signs are predisposed to certain health problems. However, the final analysis must be based on the position of all planets in different zodiac signs. Let us look at each zodiac sign and which planets can cause chronic illness.

Any zodiac sign can fall ill if a particular planet configuration is present in their birth chart. The placement of all planets in different zodiac signs must determine if certain zodiac signs are predisposed to certain health problems. Let us look at each zodiac sign and which planets can cause chronic illness.

Aries: Fiery signs are full of energy and vigour. They normally enjoy healthy health and immunity. They are proactive about getting their regular health check-ups done. However, Mercury is the most detrimental to this zodiac sign and can cause chronic health issues if it is connected to nodes like Rahu and Ketu. A Mars-Mercury conjunction can cause surgery or injury if Mars, the ruler of this zodiac sign, is associated with Mercury.

Taurus: They have an inbuilt immune system that guides them to remain fit and healthy by nature. However, they can often get carried away and take their robust health for granted. This zodiac sign is prone to chronic illness when Jupiter connects with Mars. Venus can also play a role, leading to further complications. When Jupiter connects with Mars, chronic illness can occur.

Gemini: They are generally susceptible to low immunity. They have a sensitive digestive system, which means they need to pay attention to their gut health to be ready for upcoming challenges. For them, two planets – Mars and Saturn – are designated troublemakers. Mars rules over sickness in this sign, while Saturn controls chronic illness. When both planets are connected in an inauspicious place, they can cause health scare for them.

Cancer: They tend to be overly active, which can cause pain and joint aches. In general, they are prone to depression and anxiety. They need adequate rest and meditation to calm their nerves. For this zodiac sign, Mercury rules over hospitals and injuries, hence it becomes the primary planet for ill health. Saturn is another strong malefic and can cause health concerns when connected with Mercury or Jupiter.

Leo:It is within you that you hold bundles of energy. They are always on the go and generally in good health. However, sometimes they do not prioritise rest and have trouble sleeping. For this zodiac sign, Saturn rules over illness and disease. When it is connected with Rahu or Ketu and placed in an inferior sign, it can lead to persistent health problems. In addition, the Moon is another planet that can cause worries, especially when connected to Saturn.

Virgo: They are quite health conscious as they believe prevention is better than cure. They try to live a healthy life with healthy eating habits and a regular fitness regime. For them, Mars becomes the most notorious planet for health, especially if it is in Rahu or Ketu. It can cause surgery or accidents. Saturn plays a dual role for this sign, but it can turn out to be tricky if it gets connected to either the Sun or Mars.

Libra: They usually have a healthy immune system. Even though they are not very concerned with their fitness, they manage to stay fit. During Jupiter’s activation, it becomes a first-rate malefic. Mars is equally bad for health, especially if it connects with Jupiter. Nodes like Rahu and Ketu can lead to health complications if they are connected to Jupiter or Venus.

Scorpio: While they normally enjoy healthy immunity and health, they are vulnerable to environmental diseases and viruses. They must prioritise their health and strengthen their immune system. Mercury and Venus are prime contributors to prolonged illness. Mercury is the wrecker-in-chief for this zodiac sign when it comes to chronic disease triggers. While Mars is the ruling planet of this sign, it also rules over disease and can trouble you.

Sagittarius: They are always on the move and can neglect their health. Their casual eating habits and lack of routine can affect their immune system. But they love sports, so they generally maintain good For them, Venus alone can create a major health scare if it gets placed in any inimical sign or place. The Moon also rules over chronic illness and can alarm if it gets connected to nodes like Rahu or Ketu.

Capricorn: They possess strong immunity and are hygiene conscious. But they are workaholics and overlook their health as they prioritize work over wellbeing and entertainment. Mars, backed by the Sun, is the dreaded planet for ill health for this sign. When both of these are combined, they can pose a lot of health concerns for them. While Saturn rules this sign, it can become malefic when connected with the Sun or Ketu.

Aquarius: They can be quite restless at times which can lead to unwanted stress. They should exercise regularly to keep up with their fitness and physical strength. The health of these people can be harmed by Jupiter, which is the most malefic planet. Jupiter can cause injuries, accidents or surgery depending on its placement. Mars is yet another notorious planet for health and must be watched over for their health.

Pisces: They can be overboard with their eating and drinking habits and neglect their health. They are easily overwhelmed by anxiety; hence need to channelise their emotional energy. They normally have weak digestion. For this sign, Venus can be the most detrimental planet causing chronic illness. If it gets connected to Saturn or Ketu, it can cause some health scares at the time of their activation.

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