What is my reason for delaying marriage?

Are you currently delaying your marriage? Is it time for you to get married? Why did God delay the wedding or why didn’t my wedding happen? Marriage is one of the most important events in a person’s life. On average, a person spends about two-thirds of their life with their partner. Because of that, the need to have someone by your side, someone to love and take care of becomes more urgent than ever. Marriage is very important to an individual. However, when one encounters a problem in this regard, it becomes heartbreaking. In this blog, we will look at the reasons that can prevent marriage. They can come from internal or external forces.

Furthermore, we will also look at some effective and useful remedies that can help someone facing this problem. If you want to find a cure for these problems, keep reading. Now let’s start with the blog.

Marriage solution

Hindu wedding

The traditions of Hinduism say that the time and person for his marriage is destined. All aspects of your marriage and your delayed marriage are determined by the planets, their positions, and cosmic energies at birth. However, many people in this world have problems getting married. Either they can’t find the right partner for them, or their marriage is constantly put on hold due to unforeseen events. The problem of delaying marriage and its solution lies in your horoscope or birth chart. If you read it right, you will find all the answers to your marital problems.

Reason for delay. Weddings can be delayed for a variety of reasons.

Marriage delay and the seventh chord, 8th and 12th houses of the horoscope are most closely related to the three house signs: the 7th, 8th, and 12th houses. The 7th house is the house. main house. Everyone will have a well-timed and prosperous marriage if their 7th house is in good condition. The 8th house represents the relationship between husband and wife. The 12th house represents sexual pleasure. Consider these reasons. Spiritual reasons for delaying marriage are:

The empty 7th house is the main cause of delay in marriage.

Also, any position of the bad planet will delay marriage if it affects the 7th house.

If the 8th house, the 12th house or the owners of these houses influence the 7th house, the marriage will be delayed.

The position and influence of some planets in the 7th house will also delay marriage.

The position of Saturn or Mars in the 7th house means marriage in middle age. This can also be one of the reasons for the delay in marriage according to astrology.

Remedies for delay in marriage

Astrology also solves your problem of delaying your marriage. There are many solutions to eliminate the harmful effects of all the things that are hindering your marriage. Our astrologers offer these remedies. Powerful solutions to delay marriage are:

Jupiter represents elders and marriage. So, if marriage is suspended in someone’s life, he should pay special attention to his relationships with elders. Try to maintain a healthy relationship with them, respect them more, listen to them, follow their advice, etc.

Strong Venus will help you get married early in life. Venus is associated with female statues. Therefore, you will need to establish meaningful relationships with feminine personalities such as mother, wife, daughter, and co-worker to strengthen your Venus.

This will help you find a partner who will be compatible with you and who will be your perfect match. You will also be more attractive and charming to the opposite sex. Strong Venus will bring you luck and happiness in your relationships.

You will be surrounded by positive people who will provide you with encouragement and support. Your relationships will be full of joy and harmony, which will help you find true fulfillment.

This sense of connection and community will help to nurture your wellbeing and create a strong foundation for a fulfilling life.

On the other hand, some people might find being surrounded by positive people to be overwhelming. Some people might prefer to have more relationships that are full of conflict because it creates a sense of drama and excitement in their lives.

Additionally, having positive relationships can often lead to a desire to settle down and get married, which some people might want to delay. In fact, some people may prefer to stay single because they don’t want to commit to a long-term relationship.

However, for those who do want to settle down, having positive relationships can be a great foundation to build a happy and healthy marriage.

Additionally, having positive relationships can often lead to a desire to settle down and get married, which some people might want to delay. In fact, some people may prefer to stay single because they don’t want to commit to a long-term relationship.

Others may be hesitant to enter a marriage because of the financial and legal implications that come with it. Additionally, some people may not be ready for the responsibility of a long-term relationship.

Therefore, it is essential to consider all aspects of marriage before making a commitment, as it is a decision that will impact the rest of one’s life.

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